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10406 South Western Avenue Chicago, Illinois 60643

Helping Everyone Reach Their Full Potential

Helping Everyone Reach Their Full Potential


About Our Company

If you or someone you know are constantly feeling down or isolated, having work issues or academic problems, or having an inharmonious relationship with your partner, you may need to seek help from a trusted mental health professional. Foundations Counseling, LLC in Chicago, Illinois provides exceptional counseling and therapy services to individuals of all ages, couples, and families.

We can help in dealing with loneliness, anxiety, grief, or depression. You can always turn to us if you are in any of the following situations:

Foundations Counseling. LLC in Chicago, Illinois was founded in 2017. We provide counseling and therapy services to treat a wide range of issues affecting an individual.

Our staff is made up of a culturally and ethnically diverse group of Master’s level therapists. They assess adults, adolescents, and children dealing with day-to-day or periodical struggles and treat them according to their present symptoms. They provide individualized care based on the needs and goals of each client. While we operate from a Christian perspective, we are deeply respectful and sensitive to varying beliefs.

All our therapists have experience and expertise in working with a wide variety of clinical settings. They incorporate evidence-based, cutting-edge tools into their work. Generally, they are trained and expert in dealing with loneliness, anxiety, grief, depression, life transitions, relationship concerns, and loss.

We are operating in Illinois and its suburban communities. Our company serves as a valuable resource to communities throughout the area.

Our Clinical Team

Samantha Allen, MSW, LCSW

Chief Executive Officer/ Therapist

Primary Area of Care: Anger, Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, Parenting, Couples & Life Transitions.

Samantha Allen is a mental health therapist and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW). She holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology​ from St. Xavier University and a Masters of Social Work from Governors State University. She has also earned a Certificate in Trauma Focused-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Samantha has worked with children, youth, adolescents, and families in both inpatient and outpatient settings for more than 10 years. She believes in meeting clients where they are and giving them the tools necessary for their full recovery.

Samantha’s experience in working with diverse populations in the Chicago and the Southern Illinois regions has given her a​ unique perspective in providing ​individualized treatments and psychotherapy services to her clients. 

Samantha also specializes in couple/marital and family counseling. She has a passion for enhancing the lives of others through individualized and life-changing therapy.

Denisha Maddie, ​MA


Primary Area of Care: Mood Disorders, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder & Adolescent Counseling

Denisha Maddie is a mental health professional from Chicago, Illinois. One of her core beliefs is understanding the most authentic version of one’s self is an ongoing process that requires a conscious effort. She is enthusiastic about helping others work towards their own inner healing. She considers herself the bridge that leads her clients toward healing at a pace most suitable for them. She does this first by establishing trust and mutual understanding.

Denisha earned her B.A. in Psychology from Illinois State University, with a minor in Children’s Studies. She later received her M.A. in Counseling Psychology from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology, where she gained vital experience working with children and youth in schools, as well as clinical settings. Her vigorous field experiences facilitated her specialties that include posttraumatic stress induced by racism and classism, anxiety, depression, and grief.

 In addition to her work with youth, she has spent two years working with individuals experiencing homelessness and chronic mental illnesses, such as mood disorders and substance/drug use disorders. She enjoys working with and advocating for individuals who are often neglected and forgotten by society. Her work in the field was fueled not only by passion for the people, but also a keen interest in the research involving people in low socioeconomic areas. 

Tashyana Ford, MSW


Primary Area of Care: Adolescents, Depression and Grief

Tashyana received Bachelors and Masters of Social Work degrees from Southern Illinois University of Carbondale. She has developed her clinical experience while working with individuals in the inpatient and outpatient settings and they may have a range of mental health needs. Currently, Tashyana is passionate about working with adolescents with behavioral health concerns. Tashyana also has experience as a crisis therapist for youth and adults who are experiencing crisis situations. Tashyana has been working in the community with youth, adolescents, families, and the elderly population on wide range of issues from a micro and mezzo level. Tashyana aims to provide individuals with the tools needed to thrive in society. Her focus is to help individuals with the enhancement of their self-esteem and capacity for functioning. Tashyana specializes and is trained in Trauma-Infomed Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TI-CBT). She also gained training in domestic violence. Tashyana specializes in working with individuals that may be struggling with issues of depression, anxiety disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), bipolar disorder and other mood disorders. Tashyana also has experience and a skill set in grief therapy. Her passion is helping individuals work through some of the challenges that they have in their life, in hopes of enhancing their happiness and perception and quality of life.

Lakeyah Scales- Front Office Manager

Our Vision

We believe that holistic well-being is the foundation of a thriving community. Thus, we aim to provide everyone with access to the tools needed to reach their full potential.

Our Mission

Our goal is to empower individuals to reach their emotional, relational, and spiritual potential. We achieve this by offering them exceptional counseling and personal development services.

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