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Stress and Anxiety +

Stress and anxiety are known to be experienced by everyone. However, in extreme situations, they can cause adverse physical effects which may lead to life-threatening depression.

Depression +

When left unaddressed, depression can worsen and can pose serious health risks. If you or anyone you know is experiencing thoughts of self-harm or suicide, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 immediately.

Grief and Loss +

Losing a loved one can be truly difficult, especially when one has to cope with it alone. Our highly trained counselors can help you through the coping process in whatever manner you may wish to have.

Relationship Challenges +

Poor communication, individual differences, and problems with intimacy between partners can lead to behavioral health issues. These issues include stress, anxiety, or depression. Our professional therapists are trained to address these relationship issues whether through individual or couple’s therapy.

Work Issues +

A significant amount of our time is usually spent at work. When the working environment becomes emotionally unhealthy, problems can begin to extend beyond the workplace and into one’s personal life.

Communication +

Communication is paramount to any successful relationship. Our couple’s therapy assists partners in learning how to communicate with each other more effectively. We encourage them to use active and empathetic listening to maintain open communication.

Resolving Relational Conflict +

Resolving conflict in a relationship is not determining who is wrong or right. Our therapist helps couples discover what works best for both parties and encourage them to work together to solve their problems.

Altering Perspective of Relationship +

Our therapists encourage both parties to work toward viewing their relationship in an objective manner.

Identifying Problematic Behaviors +

Therapists identify and discourage behavior that can have psychological, physical, or economic harm.

Decreasing Emotional Avoidance +

By avoiding the expression of feelings, couples can grow emotionally distant. Our couple’s therapy encourages partners to express their needs for closeness by bringing out the emotions and thoughts that they fear expressing to the other person.

Foundations Counseling

Couple’s Therapy and Marital Counseling

Foundations Counseling

Family Counseling and Therapy

Family Conflicts +

Disagreements are common among family members. However, these conflicts can reach a level that will be detrimental to the health of individual family members. Our behavioral health professionals help improve family relations by encouraging open communication to mediate the conflict.

Child/Adolescent Behavioral Difficulties +

When a child, adolescent, or young adult has trouble in social situations with their peers, it is possible that they are dealing with a diagnosable behavioral disorder. We assess and identify these disorders and work to help patients manage their behavioral problems.

Child Trauma +

We also provide a number of services that are intended for children, teens, and families who have experienced sexual abuse and maltreatment. We perform assessments and counseling sessions, as well as help them deal with similar situations through prevention.

Academic Problems +

Children, adolescents, and young adults with learning disabilities often struggle emotionally in an academic environment. Individual treatments can remediate stress experienced at school and improve the learning process.

Foundations Counseling

Child and Adolescent Therapy

They said

Samantha Allen is a wonderful therapist and an overall amazing person. She’s attentive, supportive, and sympathetic to every concern I have. Mrs. Allen has helped me overcome the challenges that were present in my life and continues to be a confidant. As a result, I feel more confident knowing that there is no judgement during our sessions and I have an awesome mental health provider who wants to see me, and others, succeed

Ms. Jackson

I would highly recommend this business to family, friends, or co-workers and can't wait to return again!

Jane Henry

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